Virtual Zoo Chamber Gives Life To Extinct Sea Creatures [Pics]

Virtual Zoo Chamber Gives Life To Extinct Sea Creatures [Pics]

The Theater of Lost Species is a spherical object that lets visitors view and interact with digital animals.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 october 2013

Created by Future Cities Lab, the Theater of Lost Species is an installation that features extinct sea creatures in digital forms.

The installation consists of a spherical object covered with large cones that serve as viewing cones for visitors. Visitors can peer through the cones and watch and interact with digital sea animals. The installation has built-in sensors that allow the digital sea creatures to swarm to the cones when a viewer is watching through the cones. Pulsating light rods create a fun and playful atmosphere when lights are out.


The project was inspired by a New York Times article titled The Child’s Menagerie by Lydia Millet. Theater of Lost Species attempts to answer Millet’s question, “Can you feel the loss of something you never knew in the first place?”

The installation will be on exhibit at the Dissident Futures show at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from October 18th to February 2, 2014.


Scroll through photos on the installation below.

Theater of Lost Species


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