Wallet-On-Wheels Scuttles Away From Squandering Owners [Video]

Wallet-On-Wheels Scuttles Away From Squandering Owners [Video]
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Smart wallet cries for help when you try and spend too much money

Ross Brooks
  • 23 october 2013

If you have trouble controlling how much money you spend, then the Living Wallet might be just what you’re looking for. Equipped with a tiny set of wheels, the wallet is able to evade your grasp when it knows you shouldn’t be spending money – it can even call out for help in the event you do manage to catch it.

When the wallet is set to “save mode,” you will have to overcome all kinds of challenges. The first of which is the wallet’s ability to run away as soon as it detects your hand coming close. The evasive action is accompanied cries of help that include “Don’t touch me!” and “Help me!”. If you still manage to get your hands on the wallet, it will do the unthinkable and send an email to your mother.


The alternative is “consume mode,” which will prompt the wallet to start to play Beethoven and recite popular Amazon products, a sure-fire way to put you in a spending mood. On the topic of spending, there is no information on how much the wallet would cost, and whether or not it will even go into production.

For now, the only way to appreciate how good (and bizarre) the idea is, is to watch the following video:

Living Wallet


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