Shower Meter Provides Real-Time Calculation Of Wasteful Behavior

Shower Meter Provides Real-Time Calculation Of Wasteful Behavior

Sprav saves you $50 annually for every minute you reduce your average shower time.

Ross Brooks
  • 31 october 2013

Saving the environment and your money sounds like the perfect piece of copywriting, but the truth is that Sprav has created an easy-to-use water and energy meter that can do just that. Visual and audible cues let you know in real-time just how much water you’re using, meaning you can cut your shower costs by 10-20% per year. Sprav won’t cut you off mid-shower either, leaving you to wash the soap out of your hair in the sink.

The super-simple water meter clips right on to the supply pipe behind your shower head, getting rid of the need for tools, and making sure that the device doesn’t restrict any water flow. Sprav is able to save you more than $50 annually for every minute you reduce your average shower length. Even better, that’s just for one person, the savings are multiplied for households of two or more.

Sprāv senses water temperature through the pipe and acoustically monitors water flow. By determining flow acoustically, Sprāv doesn’t need to be inline with the water stream, which means no leaking, no teflon tape, and no mess, just immediate utility bill savings.


If you’re familiar with traffic lights, then you’ll be able to interpret what it means when Sprav’s built-in light changes from green to amber, and amber to red. The timing and color of these lights can be changed via an accompanying app as well, just in case the device changes to red a little bit too quickly for your liking.


Sprav’s accompanying app, which is compatible across various Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, also allows you to monitor resource consumption in real-time, view periodic usage reports, and calculate savings. So, if a straightforward environmentally-friendly, money-saving device is something you like the sound of, be sure to check out the company’s Kickstarter page, which has achieved 25% of its target with just over two weeks to go.


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