Web Robot Can Analyze People’s Moods Through Their Voice

Web Robot Can Analyze People’s Moods Through Their Voice

MIVOR is a mood interpreting voice-operated robot that creates a colorful representation of the user's inner self.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 october 2013

Created by Seattle-based creative studio WINTR, MIVOR is a Mood Interpreting Voice-Operated Robot that visualizes the user’s inner self.

MIVOR prompts the user with questions and the user can answer by speaking into their computer’s microphone. Based on the user’s responses, MIVOR creates a colorful representation of their current state of mind.


The robot’s voice is enabled by meSpeak.js, an open-source text-to-speech JavaScript library. MIVOR’s questions and responses are based on a matrix of potential conversation paths created by WINTR, so conversations with MIVOR are limited to these.


MIVOR uses HTML5 Web Speech API to ‘listen’ to the users. This API converts what the user is saying into text, which is then interpreted with code. The text is analyzed and depending on the words or sentiments behind the words, MIVOR determines whether what the user said is positive or negative. MIVOR pulls info from a database to analyze the sentiments of words and phrases.

Based on the the general sentiment of the user’s responses, MIVOR then creates a visualization of the user’s general state of mind. MIVOR creates this visual representation in scalable vector graphics (SVG).

You can try out MIVOR for yourself by clicking here.


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