Web Tool Helps Alleviate Creative Block

Web Tool Helps Alleviate Creative Block

Reform is a simple web-based tool in which users can manipulate abstract compositions to free their thinking.

Kristen Nozell
  • 4 october 2013

Designers usually have a whole cache of methods for dealing with creative block, and now they can add one more to the artillery. Tim Dabrandt and his team at Typemachine have released a tool for web and mobile that aims to help designers when they’re stuck. The platform, called Reform, is based on a teaching technique of graphic designer, professor and author Igildo G. Biesele during his tenure at the General School of Applied Arts in Basel, Switzerland. The proponent of experimental design would instruct his students to create compositions using basic geometric shapes, and then make alterations to see how slight changes could make significant differences in the overall tone of the abstract work.

Reform brings this technique to the digital stage with a responsive platform. Users can toggle between softer, circular shapes and angular, square-based forms, and can also alter the density of the composition by increasing or decreasing the size of the shapes. The background image can be changed to anything the user likes, or left as the default option that automatically transitions between tones in a neutral palette. As users rotate through the shapes in each cell, a new visual landscape is formed, which should hopefully lead to more ‘ah-ha’ moments.



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