Scottish distillery Ballantine's whimsical yet elegant serving set creates a unique ritual for inbibing their 12 year blend.

Ballance is a limited edition serving set for Ballantine's 12, inspired by the craftsmanship that goes into the making of the whisky and the unique balance of flavors in the liquor. The sculptural set was designed by Stockholm design trio Front (who were also behind those nebulous Häagen-Dazs desserts), following a brief from the premium Scottish distillery to design a product that would create a ritual around the consumption of the scotch blend.

Five handcrafted pieces comprise the assemblage, including an oak coaster, handblown glass, copper ice bowl, square water jug and a copper spoon. All five elements bear the distillery's logotype and reference the materials used in the whisky making process: the copper bowl and spoon mimic the copper stills and the water jug shape references the form of the bottle. Most impressively, the concept of balance is represented with the pieces designed to balance atop one another in an almost magical way.

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