Handbags Made Of Wood Are Supple And Smooth [Pics]

Handbags Made Of Wood Are Supple And Smooth [Pics]
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Designers discovered a new technique that turns lumber into sewable textiles.

Serena Chu
  • 29 october 2013

Design studio Tel Aviv created a collection of nature-inspired clutches that are each made of a single piece of raw lumber. After experimenting with several treatments like weaving and sanding, the designers, Orli Tesler and Itmar Mendelovitch discovered a new technique that lets them manipulate wood into different shapes using special incisions. They call it Wood Skin.

clutch 6

By carefully slicing the piece of wood diagonally, they were able to uncover the weak spots of the material, which allowed them to make cuts that were only necessary for construction. Having mastered the technique, the designer began incorporate ebony, rosewood, walnut, and birch – materials that were picked for their bold vertical grain – into their design creations.

clutch 5

The entire process is very complicated. After choosing the veneer, they need to scrub off the debris and soften the wood up. A layer of high-quality leather lining is added to give the clutch more support. According to Tesler, the finished product is quite durable.

Unless someone rams it with a car or drops it from the roof or sits on it, it will hold for what we believe will be a very long time.

It is interesting to see designers experiment with unconventional materials. This project might just be an alternative use for wood pieces that no longer serve a purpose.

Wood Skin

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