Smartphone Menus Replace Customer Service Voiceovers To Ease Frustration

Smartphone Menus Replace Customer Service Voiceovers To Ease Frustration

Zappix is a free app service that lets people skip the usual keypad menu prompts.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 october 2013

Those lengthy phone menus that you have to go through when calling customer support lines can sometimes test one’s patience.

Free app service Zappix saves users from all that by turning the keypad menu prompts into a visual menu.

The app service presents the customer support menus into a visual menu and lets callers connect with the company or organization through their websites or social media with just one click from the app. Instead of listening to the phone menus, customers can just scroll or swipe through the visual menu options on the Zappix app until they find the option they’re looking for.


Zappix also allows users to input authentication information on the app before placing the call to save on time. The app also lets users get back to the last destination without the need to input their information all over again in case their call gets disconnected.

Zappix saves people time and helps lessen their frustration when calling the customer support hotlines of businesses.

Zappix is currently available to people in Boston and New York City. The app’s menus include several local businesses and organizations located in the two areas. The app also connects users with current events through the “Featured Events” feature of the app, and works with iPhones and Android smartphones. The app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.





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