Photographs Capture The Final Days At 5 Pointz [Pics]

Photographs Capture The Final Days At 5 Pointz [Pics]
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Art Director Eric Lau shot a series of photos of the last hip-hop event ever held at the famed Queens graffiti site.

Daniela Walker
  • 25 november 2013

Last week, 5 Pointz, the former factory building and self-described ‘graffiti mecca’ in Long Island City, was whitewashed. The layers of legal graffiti that had built up over the years were painted in preparation for the planned demolition, which is paving the way for luxury condominiums. While there had been a couple stays of execution, it was an inevitable end to a building beloved by people from around the city and indeed the world. Art Director at mcgarrybowen, Eric Lau attended the last break-dancing battle outside the building and captured it in his poignant black and white photographs.


Lau describes his first experience discovering 5 Pointz:

I had no idea what it was all about. Is it a museum? Is it an exhibition? I walked around this industrial building and finally got to another side of the under the subway rail and [thought] ‘That’s like a graffiti paradise.’ The entire building was populated with different graffiti, different styles, from artists all over the world.


The event Lau attended was meant to raise awareness about the tragedy of the demolition but also acted as a celebration of the community hub 5 Pointz had become. While the owner of the building, Jerry Wolkoff, promises there will be a dedicated graffiti wall on the new building, it is doubtful that it will inspire the same artistry, spontaneity and life as the original.



See more photographs on Lau’s Cargo Collective page and Facebook page.

Source and Images: Eric Lau


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