Magazine Elevates Erotica To Lifestyle Content

Magazine Elevates Erotica To Lifestyle Content

How do you create a porn publication for women?

Plus Aziz
  • 4 november 2013

As iconic magazine Playboy struggles to re-establish its cultural cache with younger consumers and Hustler continues to sell to its loyal fans, new publications like Adult Magazine are working to re-contextualize erotica within a more artistic-intellectually inclined context that celebrates photography, progressive gender politics, and foodie artisanship. Rather than celebrating a culture of sameness, Editor Sarah Nicole Prickett is being recognized by the media for developing “an erotic magazine for voyeurs and literati.” NY Magazine describes it as “boobs from a female perspective.”

The first issue contains a photo spread of masturbating models, erotic photographs, profiles with filmmakers, an oyster omelet recipe, literature reviews, and a preview of graphic novella, Charivari. The magazine does a particularly excellent job at balancing the recognition of female and male talent (e.g. Deborah Kampmeier, Rachel Kushner, Kava Gorna, Wangechi Mutu, David Cronenberg, Ryan Coogler).

See some spreads from the first issue below.

We’ve seen other similar initiatives by thought leaders like Cindy Gallop (founder of Make Love Not Porn) that have sustained momentum over the years but are not scaling to change how porn is consumed and who is consuming it. Regardless, Adult Magazine offers an interesting twist on erotic content.

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