Security Vigilante Builds Weapons From Common Items Sold In Airports [Pics]

Security Vigilante Builds Weapons From Common Items Sold In Airports [Pics]

In reaction to the invasive body scanners in airports, Evan Booth creates dangerous items from goods sold after the security screening.

Daniela Walker
  • 27 november 2013

Evan Booth is a programmer based in Greensboro, North Carolina who is on a one-man mission to show that all the security measures at airports may be pointless. In his project, Terminal Cornucopia, Booth demonstrates how he can make weapons from everyday objects that are available for sale after airport security checks.

Using various items such as Axe spray and a travel blowdryer, Booth creates weapons such as a BlunderBusiness Class shotgun, which can shoot loose change at a dangerous speed, or a Fragguccino, i.e. a frag grenade made from a coffee thermos. Whilst Booth’s videos and weapon names are slightly amusing — he created a spiked bludgeon called ‘Murica out of magazines, scotch tape, a poster of the Constitution and a Washington monument replica – they also present a scary notion. Booth tells Fast Co.Exist:

I think people have kind of been suspecting that the type of things I’ve built are possible. I just don’t think anyone’s ever taken the time to do it…If we’re trying stop a terrorist threat at the airport, it’s already too late.

For concerned citizens that believe Booth is spreading the word to potential terrorists, their fears can be assuaged by the fact that he has already submitted his ‘research’ to the TSA and the FBI. The FBI did pay Booth a visit, but, according to Co.Exist, were more concerned with whether Booth had actually built any of these weapons at an airport. He insists his experimentation all occurs in the backyard, but the possibility is very real and leaves many to wonder, why do we go through invasive security checks when danger still exists beyond the gates?

Click through the gallery below to see some of Booth’s handmade weapons:

Terminal Cornucopia

Source and Images: Fast Co.Exist


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