Will This Android-Powered Smartwatch Replace A Smartphone?

Will This Android-Powered Smartwatch Replace A Smartphone?

Developed by 19-year-old Simon Tian, the Neptune Pine brings the powers of a typical mobile device to your wrist.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 25 november 2013

Simon Tian is 19 years old, and he’s aiming to turn the world of mobile computing on its head.

His device is called the Neptune Pine, and it is essentially an Android device that you wear on your wrist. Different from many other smart watches on the market, the Neptune Pine can function completely untethered from a phone or tablet. It has front- and rear-facing cameras and can make and receive calls.


It’s true — at first glance, the Neptune Pine looks much too big to be worn on any human’s wrist. But the value here is in this wearable’s power. With web browsing via WiFi and 3G, this behemoth has the potential to make early adopters foam at the mouth.


While the Neptune Pine isn’t yet commercially available, its founder has set up a Kickstarter to get the ball rolling. As of this posting, the campaign has already blown past its funding goal, so if you’re eager to get your hands on one, be sure to back the project in order to save your spot in line.

Neptune Pine

Sources: Quartz, Kickstarter
Images: Kickstarter, Neptune Pine

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