Could Anti-Rape Undergarments Dissuade Attackers?

Could Anti-Rape Undergarments Dissuade Attackers?

New protective gear is immovable once locked in place.

Serena Chu
  • 4 november 2013

AR Wear is introducing a new line of undergarments and shorts designed to protect women from being the victims of rape. The shorts come in an assortment of styles, ranging from underwear to traveling shorts. The company designed the garments so that they are difficult to remove by force. No matter how hard a attacker may try, these shorts cannot be ripped from the person.

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Resistant to pulling, tearing, and cutting these shorts are still comfortable to wear and easy to move in. Once the locking mechanisms are set in place, the human skeletal structure makes it impossible to pull down the shorts. There are waist and thigh straps that can be adjusted to fit the exact portions of the wearers measurements. The straps will hug the person tight enough so that any downward pulling force cannot make the shorts slide further down. For example, if you clip the straps at your hip, it will cling to that hip measurement and remain there no matter how hard you try to move it by force because the shorts are set in place to meet that specific hip width.

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Women can feel safer on the streets while they are running, or in the wilderness camping. Where ever they are, and as long as they have on AR Wear, they will be protected. The project can be found and funded on Indiegogo.

AR Wear

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