Website Generates Facebook Statuses Based On Past Posts

Website Generates Facebook Statuses Based On Past Posts

Application aggregates incoherent and amusing updates in your tone of voice.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 15 november 2013

If you took a minute to ask yourself how much of what you post on social media is worthwhile, what do you think your answer would be? 70 percent? 80?

That estimate may soon drop.




Created during the Princeton University HackPrinceton 2013 hackathon, the website application “What Would I Say?” generates Facebook statuses in your tone of voice by piecing together past updates from your existing profile and statuses. Simply log into your Facebook account once on the website, and press the “Generate Status” button for computer-generated updates.



According to the creators, the site “trains a Markov Bot based on mixture model of bigram and unigram probabilities derived from your past post history.” Essentially, it aggregates and rearranges your words in a questionably coherent manner.

For those worried about privacy issues with the app accessing your profile, the creators assure users that personal information is never stored – only viewed on your browser temporarily.




So, just how worthless and incoherent are your status updates? We put the application to the test, and here are some of the results returned by our own status amalgamations:

– I’d be pregamin for Chuck’s has been up to?

– Knowing there’s one way

– Keep on keepin’ on me, but only a grown up.

– I think I did just found

– Hey, amish rifle’s have at least make it

– We haven’t decided whose is whose yet.

– I think I can

– And k.t., I’m kind of a vondruke…

– Not my best William Wallace impression until Monday, hello to do

Give it a try and see what you’re really putting out there.

What Would I Say

Sources: Huffington Post, Slate

Images: Ryan Gerhardt

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