Beer-Flavored Cigars Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Beer-Flavored Cigars Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Ted's Cigars blends alcohol and tobacco into this perfect christmas gift.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 november 2013

Drinking beer and smoking cigars are without a doubt some of the more manly pastimes around, which until now have required the use of both hands. For all those in search of a more efficient manly experience, Samuel Adams and Ted’s Cigars have created a cigar that’s seasoned with beer.

Named “Utopias,” after the beer, you can buy one of the cigars for $13, and a box of 25 for $275. The cigars will only be available during the months of November and December, which makes them an ideal holiday gift for beer fans, cigar lovers, and anyone in between.


The beer the cigars are named after is a combination of different brews finished in port and single-use bourbon casks. It’s also blended with Samuel Adams Kosmic Mother Funk, a Belgian-style ale aged for up to two years in Hungarian oak casks, which has an incredible 28 percent ABV. These rich nutty and fruit notes in the Utopias play well with the spicy complexity of the cigar.

Samuel Adams / Ted’s Cigars

Source: DesignTaxi

Images: Ted’s Cigars


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