Personal Stylists Create Bespoke Suits Out Of A Traveling Truck

Personal Stylists Create Bespoke Suits Out Of A Traveling Truck

Arden Reed’s tailor truck uses a 3D scanner to create custom-made suits for men.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 november 2013

Custom menswear company Arden Reed lets customers order custom-made suits out of the back of a truck — a process which takes only a few minutes.

Arden Reed’s tailor truck does away with the time-consuming process of taking body measurements using a tape measure and instead uses a 3D scanner to take the customer’s suit and pants measurement.


To get measured, the customer strips down to his undies and stands in front of the scanner, which is safely tucked inside the truck, of course. After the scan, the customer chooses his fabric and he’s done. Arden Reed makes the suit and delivers it to the new owner in no more than six weeks.

The tailoring truck is currently driving around Manhattan, and interested customers can check out the truck schedule and book an appointment via their website.



Arden Reed

Source: Mashable

Images: Arden Reed

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