A website that helps you compare health care packages without unnecessary stress.

Removing all the politics and all the bureaucratic procedures, the Health Sherpa is a go-to resource that lets people find and sign up for health insurances covered by the Affordable Care Act. Developed by three guys who are frustrated by the inability of the government, the Health Sherpa is a stand-alone site that has no affiliation with any lobby, trade group, or government agency – it is 100% for the people by the people.

The site simplifies the way people can compare different health care plans. To check if your state qualifies for Obamacare, you just need to input your zip-code and pick a plan. If you state is not covered, the site will automatically tell you. It really cannot get any easier than this, but too bad the government decided to make everything complicated. So if these guys figured it out, why can’t the government?

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