Interactive Music Video Plays Bob Dylan Hit On Various TV Channels [Video]

Interactive Music Video Plays Bob Dylan Hit On Various TV Channels [Video]

Music video sung by performers across 16 different stations that the viewer controls.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 november 2013

The 1965 hit “Like a Rolling Stone,” is arguably one of Bob Dylan’s greatest hits, and after all these years it has finally been given its first music video. The video is interactive and allows you to flip through 16 TV channels with your keyboard, each of which features someone lip-syncing the lyrics to the song. It doesn’t matter if it’s the news, a documentary, or the latest reality TV show, all of them are in perfect sing with the song’s lyrics.

It’s hard to pinpoint how you feel when watching the video, but one thing is for sure, it’s a unique experience. “I’m using the medium of television to look back right at us — you’re flipping yourself to death with switching channels [in real life],” director Vania Heymann told Mashable.

The video’s debut, available at, coincides with the release of Dylan’s 47-CD box set (The Complete Album Collection Volume 1) from Columbia/Legacy Recordings, which hired digital agency Interlude for this project.

Source: Mashable

Images: Flickr


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