Fitting App Calculates Bra Size Based On Selfies

Fitting App Calculates Bra Size Based On Selfies

ThirdLove invents new bra sizes to create stylish pieces of custom-fitted lingerie.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 november 2013

ThirdLove is a new service that combines the convenience of online shopping and the accuracy of in-store care when it comes to finding a bra that fits. All it takes is two photographs of your chest (assuming you’re a woman) in a tight fitting t-shirt, and the app can calculate your proportions. You can even customize the bra’s design before it’s delivered in a silky drawstring pouch wrapped in blue tissue paper.

The app uses computer vision (which analyzes real-world objects much like the human eye) to measure a woman virtually through iPhone photographs. Even though women aren’t naked when the photos are taken, cofounders Heidi Zak and Dave Spector didn’t want to take any chances with privacy, which is why the app uses 128-bit encryption.


ThirdLove does keep the photos on file but only for “customer services purposes,” which allows a representative to pull up the photos when a customer complains to see what went wrong and figure how to make the necessary corrections. To try and prevent this happening in the first place, shoppers receive detailed instructions about how to take photos of themselves from an audio and video tutorial.

Many of the measurements taken didn’t correspond to traditional bra sizes, which is why the company developed their own. So far it has proven a huge success and meant that women can get a bra that is really designed just for them. Ra’el Cohen, the resident fashion designer, explains:

“Over the last many months, in working with women during our beta and having our focus groups, and really fine tuning our sizing, we saw that almost 60% of the women who were coming in were falling in these half sizes that we’ve developed.”


Cohen keeps an eye on fashion magazines and the latest trends across a variety of markets to make sure the company’s lingerie is not only accurate, but also stylish. ThirdLove currently offers three bra styles, and shoppers can customize the color of the straps, other small details and add matching underwear, for a price between $45 and $70.


Source: Mashable

Images: ThirdLove

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