Business Survival Kit Helps Attendees Endure Tedious Conferences [Video]

Business Survival Kit Helps Attendees Endure Tedious Conferences [Video]

Creative agency Machine created a kit to help participants get through a two-day workshop.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 november 2013

Creative agency Machine created a symposium survival kit called “The Quintessentially Metaphorical Field Guide to Humans on Business Safari” for Habari Media’s Tuongee Symposium attendees.

The symposium is a two-day workshop for digital media and marketing professionals and this year it was held at a safari lodge. The survival kit that Machine put together was designed to help the attendees get through the world of “business safari.”

The survival kit includes items like small bottles of gin disguised as mosquito repellant, bees wax balm which helps with any tropical skin disease, rope to play cat’s cradle with, a USB stick filled with music, pencils, and a guidebook labeled as a “Field Guide” to a “Business Safari.”



The guidebook contains space for notes, a collection of games, and even an animal personality test which details personality traits of sixteen animals.

The kit is packaged in a minimalist birch wood box.

Scroll through images of the kit below.

The short clip below shows what you can do with the kit.


Source: between10and5

Images: between10and5


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