Gamers Can Now Play Call Of Duty Against Their Favorite Sports Idols

Gamers Can Now Play Call Of Duty Against Their Favorite Sports Idols

To promote the game's recently released installment, a mobile app is letting fans play against their favorite pro athletes.

Daniela Walker
  • 27 november 2013

When celebrities first started getting Twitter accounts, there was a buzz in excitement from their fans, who for the first time, could contact them in an unmitigated fashion and actually get a personal response. Now, a new app is facilitating a different type of celebrity-fan relationship, by connecting Call of Duty gamers with professional athletes.

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Startup company, OverDog has created the eponymous app that lets fans enter multiplayer mode with big names (as well as not so big names) in sports. The company has enlisted over 300 athletes to be on its roster. It works by allowing the athletes to set up a challenge that fans then sign up to, and a random lucky winner is chosen to play the game. Like basic Call of Duty gameplay, the players communicate over speakers and headphones, which gives the fans the opportunity to have a quick chat with their hero before beginning to play.

The game takes advantage of a very simple fact: most of the participating athletes play Call of Duty already, so it does not require much effort for them to participate in a game with a fan. Dario Raciti, director at advertising agency OMD’s game division Zero Code, which led the planning for the OverDog campaign told AdWeek:

Athletes are very competitive, and they see it as another way to compete with each other and the people around them.

OverDog brings together star athletes with regular folk, leveling the playing field and demonstrating that in the end, they’re both just gamers at heart.

See a promotional video of how OverDog works in the video below:


Source: AdWeek

Images/Video: AdWeek /OverDog

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