Calorie-Counting Mouse Assesses Nutrition By Pointing And Clicking

Calorie-Counting Mouse Assesses Nutrition By Pointing And Clicking
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Device lets you discover allergens and other harmful ingredients before you've eaten them

Ross Brooks
  • 4 november 2013

Knowing what’s in your food before you eat it is extremely important, especially if you have an allergy to contend with. TellSpec is a new device that makes it easy to know exactly what’s in your food  just by scanning the item in question, regardless of if you’re in a restaurant or supermarket. The gadget sends a list of ingredients and nutritional information to a companion smartphone app, which makes it easy to evaluate your food before you’ve put it in your mouth.

TellSpec is effectively a miniature spectrometer – a device that can analyze materials by measuring properties of light – which combined with a unique algorithm can tell you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food. This aspect of the device could make it a literal life-saver for users who need to watch for allergens in their food, which can often be omitted from packaging altogether.


The device is easy to use, you just aim the scanner at a food item of your choice and press the button until it beeps, you can also scan an item through plastic or glass. TellSpec will then analyze the findings and send a report to your phone which lists all the ingredients and nutritional information you need.

Apart from identifying harmful and unhealthy ingredients, the app can also provide background information on various ingredients to make you more aware of the food that goes into your body. For those who think they might have an allergy but aren’t too sure, the app can also be used to record energy levels and other information that could help identify food sensitivities.

The company’s current Indiegogo campaign has smashed through its $100,000 goal with nearly a month left to go, and if you want to get your hands on one of the devices, there are still some post-earlybird specials available that mean it will cost you just $200 to own one of the devices.



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