Kitchen Tiles Made Of Antiquated Pieces Of Technology [Pics]

Kitchen Tiles Made Of Antiquated Pieces Of Technology [Pics]
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FireClay Tile has found a way to recycle CRT glass into kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 november 2013

Before the invention of flat-screens, old TV screens and computer monitors were made of cathode ray tube (CRT) glass. Now that flat-screens are the norm, a whole lot of CRT glass are ending up as waste and recycling CRT glass has long been a challenge because of its composition. Traditionally the CRT glass gets recycled into new CRT glass, but now that there is no longer a viable use for CRT glass the excess is becoming a problem.

FireClay Tile has found a way to recycle CRT glass and turn it into light gray tiles that can be safely used in the kitchen or the bathroom.

The company already produces decorative and architectural tiles made from recycled materials and through sustainable manufacturing processes. Recycling CRT glass into tiles is simply another way for the company to recycle waste into something useful.


The company works with ECS Refining, a local electronics recycler that helps them remove the glass from the housing before they start a multi-step crushing process that turns the glass into particles small enough to be melted and turned into tiles.

The finished product is a light gray color that FireClay Tile is calling “Phosphor.” CRT Glass Tiles will be offered in 2×8 tiles and one-inch round mosaics.

FireClay Tile launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of high quality molds that will guarantee consistency in their CRT glass tile product.


FireClay Tile

Source: Treehugger

Images: FireClay Tile

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