How A Font Reinvigorated An American City’s Design Community

How A Font Reinvigorated An American City’s Design Community
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Chattanooga in Tenessee has created its own official typeface called Chatype.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 november 2013

The city of Chattanooga in Tennessee has officially created its own typeface called Chatype, the first custom typeface in the US made for a municipality.

The new font was designed by Jeremy Dooley of Insigne Design and Robbie de Villiers of Wilton Foundry, with help from D+J designers D.J. Trischler and Jonathan Mansfield, and is currently being used throughout the city government.

Chatype raised funds via Kickstarter last year and was proclaimed as the city’s official typeface in August this year.


According to an article on The Atlantic Cities, the creators originally thought about requesting funds from the government, but they eventually decided to bring in Chattanoogans and creatives together by raising funds through crowdfunding. It was only after the campaign became successful and when local organizations embraced the new typeface that the city government decided to use Chatype as its official typeface.

The typeface is now being used around the city — on banners, in The Public Library, on the city’s official website.

The creators of the official typeface hopes that the font will help Chattanooga become more recognized as a center of innovation and design. They also hope the new typeface will help create a buzz in the creative and tech communities, help local businesses gain more profits, improve tourism, and maybe even bring in more talents into the city.



Source: The Atlantic Cities

Images: Chatype


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