Ecosia is a Bing- and Yahoo-powered search engine that enables web searches to double as eco-friendly contributions.

Google has become synonymous with searching on the internet, and while there are other search engines out there, there seems to be little reason to use them. Now, one competitor, Gemany-based Ecosia, is providing a green incentive to people who use it: saving the Brazilian rainforest with every search.

Like other search engines, Ecosia makes revenue through the promoted searches at the top of the page, but unlike Google and other competitors, Ecosia gives away 80% of that revenue to charity. Currently the funds are going to the ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ project by The Nature Conservancy, which aims to restore the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest to its natural state. According to their website, Ecosia’s efforts have resulted in 104,356 trees being planted so far. For the month of October 2013 alone, the company made €67,324 euros in revenue and donated €53, 859  of that money to the project, according to their donation statements, which are free for anyone to see — not only is the company green, but it strives to be transparent as well.

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