Concept M&M’s Packaging Lets You Snack In Style [Pics]

Concept M&M’s Packaging Lets You Snack In Style [Pics]
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Geometric redesign breathes new life into an otherwise amorphous piece of packaging.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 november 2013

Brooklyn, New York-based graphic designer Alyssa Phillips has done away with the lifeless plastic packaging usually associated with M&M’s as part of her redesign for a school assignment. Not only is the new design attractive, it also makes it easier to save some of your snack for later – assuming you can control your sweet tooth.

The new design, which is available in six different colors, is distinctly geometric and features a much more clean-cut look than the old amorphous one. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the box is much more stable and comes complete with a resealable tear strip that lets you manage your sugar intake for the day.


Alyssa also created a much larger presentation box which takes on a similar form and is able to hold 12 of the smaller packets, perfect for parties and other events where presentation is key. In addition to its appearance, the chocolate snack had its name shortened to the much more modern “M’s.”

Alyssa Phillips

Source: DesignTaxi

Images: Alyssa Phillips

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