PSFK Labs looks at Contextual Support technologies that deliver relevant information to shoppers as they need it.

How do physical stores compete in a retail landscape where showrooming is going mainstream and their customers have myriad options of how and where to buy? Simple. Retailers have to get to a shopper’s mobile device before they even know what they’re looking for. And with the aid of new technologies, this opportunity is now possible.

In an information saturated world, the Amazons of the world have found a way to harness people’s desire for having the right reviews, details and specs on hand while they’re shopping, and thanks to the mobile phone this behavior is no longer confined only to the online space. Bricks and mortar stores have been slower to react, banking on their ability to deliver on sensory experiences and instant gratification, but as the reality of these new shopper expectations set in, they’re realizing this is no longer enough to meet shoppers’ needs.

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