A Pill For Cows Turns Their Digestion Into Viewable Data

A Pill For Cows Turns Their Digestion Into Viewable Data

The Well Cow monitor is a tiny device that is swallowed by cows and monitors their internal systems.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 november 2013

Even cows are connecting to the internet these days. Well, their digestive systems are.

Scotland-based company Well Cow Ltd has created a small device designed to monitor the digestive system of a cow.

The Well Cow bovine health monitor is swallowed by cows and monitors the rumen pH and temperature within the cow’s digestive system every 15 minutes. The device transmits the data to a Bluetooth collar around the cow’s neck. Farmers can collect the data via their mobile phones or computer and monitor the health of the cows.

Using the information relayed by the Well Cow device, farmers can anticipate or solve digestive problems and adjust the cows’ food and medical requirements.

The device uses ARM’s MBed development platform and can last between 80 to 100 days inside the cows.



The device was on display at the recent ARM TechCon.

Well Cow

Sources: Engadget, VentureBeat

Images: Well Cow

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