Cracked iPhones Receive A Second Life As Home Decor [Pics]

Cracked iPhones Receive A Second Life As Home Decor [Pics]
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Nerdy home design projects crafted out of shattered smartphone screens.

Serena Chu
  • 18 november 2013

Keeping broken gadgets away from landfills, Twice Used upcycles cracked screens into modern, creative household goods and other trinkets. The screens used in these attractive products are usually too broken to be reused for other purposes. Current products include coffee tables, coasters, wall clocks, picture frames, and jewelry.

twice used 5

Crafted out of 12 panes of iPhone glass, the wall clock looks like something straight out of a museum exhibition – if you didn’t know, you would not have guessed it was made from another man’s trash. The clock can be a great addition to any minimalist-themed room. If coffee tables and wall decorations do not suit your fancy, maybe earrings and bracelets made out of iPhone home buttons will catch your eye. Koerner attached small buttons on leather wristbands to create wearable designs.

twice used 9

The newly launched Kickstarter campaign is the brainchild of Chris Koerner, a phone and iOS screen repair specialist. Koerner said inspiration struck him when he “noticed that only about 75 percent can be recycled – the other 25 percent were just being stacked up in our warehouse.” With nearly 20,000 pieces in storage waiting to be recommissioned, project Twice Used could be a game changer for all mobile repair shops.

Having these “cracked screen” decors might remind you to be a little more careful when handling your iPhone, but who knows. Here’s hoping!

Twice Used

Source: Kickstarter, CNET

Images: Kickstarter

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