Crowdsourced Instagrams Take Viewers On A Filtered Guide Around The World [Video]

Crowdsourced Instagrams Take Viewers On A Filtered Guide Around The World [Video]
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Thomas Jullien crowdsourced photos from Instagram to create a travel-inspired film, from 852 Instagram users across the globe.

Daniela Walker
  • 25 november 2013

On average, there are 55 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day. Art director Thomas Jullien was so inspired by the plethora of images on the social media that he decided to make a coherent film out of a select few of them. Using 852 images from 852 different Instagrammers, Jullien complied a stop motion video that takes viewers around the world.

Explains Jullien on his site:

Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images. I wanted to create structure out of this chaos. The result is a crowd source short-film that shows the endless possibilities of social media.

It is interesting to see how many people across the globe take the pictures of the same thing – from iconic structures across the world such as the Arc de Triomphe to their handlebars. Jullien’s use of publicly available photos shows how users from all over can connect with each other over almost identical imagery.

Watch Jullien’s Instagram tour of the world below:

Thomas Jullien

Source: Visual News

Video: Thomas Jullien

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