Discovery Engine Sorts Through Users’ Cultural Interests To Suggest To-Dos [Video]

Discovery Engine Sorts Through Users’ Cultural Interests To Suggest To-Dos [Video]

Qloo is a mobile app that helps people discover new things based on their personal tastes.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 november 2013

Qloo is a recommendation engine that is emerging from private beta to launch a mobile app that lets users discover new things based on their tastes or interests.

Unlike most recommendation sites that tend to consider only one aspect of the user’s interests, Qloo takes into account other seemingly unrelated interests to provide suggestions that are more holistic.

Qloo takes “clues” from a user’s interests to help them discover new things in categories such as travel, books, music, film, TV, dining, nightlife, and fashion.

According to Qloo CEO Alex Elias, the site gets to know the whole person when suggesting something new.

While single-track recommendation engines can suggest films based on your movie ratings, or music based on the songs you’ve thumbed up or down; Qloo gets to know the whole you, which is something we’ve found really matters when suggesting something new to do. By understanding who you are culturally, Qloo helps you spend less time deciding and more time doing.

This approach gained the attention of tastemakers and celebrities including Cedric the Entertainer and Danny Masterson. They were among the 25,000+ tastemakers who gave over a million data inputs into the recommendation engine’s private-beta. Cedric and Masterson made investments in the company, along with other investors in a $3 million seed funding round.


The Qloo app provides specific recommendations and suggestions based on occasion and mood. For example, users can find suggestions like “biographies” or “books for the coffee table” within the books category, or suggestions for “date night” and “out with friends” within the dining category.

Aside from discovering new things, users can also create galleries of their favorites and even find other users with similar tastes.

The Qloo app for iPhone is available on the Apple App Store. There are plans for an Android version to be released by end of the year.

Watch the intro video below.


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