Cutting Board Suitcase Lets People Cook Hot Meals On The Go [Pics]

Cutting Board Suitcase Lets People Cook Hot Meals On The Go [Pics]
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Home-cooked meals become possible on-the-go with this traveling kitchen utensil.

Serena Chu
  • 4 november 2013

Whether it is for leisure or business, having the luxury to prepare a home-cooked meal on the road would definitely be a treat. Sometimes cold sandwiches and soggy pizza just do not satisfy our epicurean cravings. It is tough to prepare foods outside the kitchen, especially when cooking utensils are a hassle to bring along on any trip. Often times than not, we choose to leave the cutting board and knife at home.

bambochopper 2

Designer Iskander van Wagtendonk found the ultimate solution. He created the Bamboochopper, a cutting board that folds like a suitcase, and contains all the essential items needed for cooking. There is a small stove and a butcher’s knife.

bamboochopper 3

When not in use, the cutting board fits perfectly into a bicycle crate, giving you the flexibility to take it with you anywhere you go. The small, portable, and space-saving design of the Bamboochopper will make any picnic even more enjoyable.


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