Design Studio Disguises Their Product On IKEA Shelves To Do Market Research [Video]

Design Studio Disguises Their Product On IKEA Shelves To Do Market Research [Video]

Upwell infiltrates the furniture superstore to collect some secret data on how successful its product was.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 november 2013

An independent design studio called Upwell recently infiltrated IKEA as a unique way to test the validity of their new product. Walhub was placed alongside other household products, complete with IKEA-inspired visuals and UPC barcodes, to see if it could attract the attention of shoppers. The company even dressed up one of their employees in an IKEA outfit so that the display could be set up properly.

The idea came about because Upwell wanted to find out if their product resonated with the target demographic, without having to spend an arm and a leg on market research. As one employee puts it in the video, “It’s always nice to know if your intended consumer even wants to buy your product before investing too much time and money.”


On top of the product test, Upwell also set up microphones and cameras to record the experience, don’t miss out on this unique approach to market research in the video below.


Source: Walhub

Images: Justin Porcano

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