Order Dominos Pizza With The Push Of A Button [Video]

Order Dominos Pizza With The Push Of A Button [Video]
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Pizza arrives at your door with a push of a button - ordering pizza just got easier.

Serena Chu
  • 8 november 2013

To all you adorning fans of iStrategyLabs out there, be ready to be swept away with their new creation, the PiePal. Blowing away Domino’s 5-step ordering platform, PiePal is a button stuffed with LED lights and packed with wires that lets hungry pizza-lovers order with a simple push of a button.

piepal 2

The PiePal uses a Raspberry Pi — a credit-card sized single-processor compute — and a Arhuino combination, so it is more than just a button after all. It is powered by JavaScript, using Node.js, and after reversing the system, the team set up an APi wrapper around Domino’s online ordering system.

If you thought you were lazy before, you’ve experienced nothing yet. This creation might just be the reason you never leave the house ever again.


Source: PiePal

Images: iStrategyLabs

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