Doodle-Dispensing Machine Creates Personalized Drawings In Seconds [Video]

Doodle-Dispensing Machine Creates Personalized Drawings In Seconds [Video]

The Weird Faces Vending Machine dispenses computer-generated face drawings after the swipe of a credit card.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 november 2013

The Weird Faces Vending Machine by Los Angeles-based media artist and communication designer Matthias Dörfelt is an installation that dispenses an infinite number of computer-generated doodles.

The machine charges $3 to the users’ credit card and uses the name on the credit card to talk to the users and walk them through the process. The machine then prints out a sheet of random faces that look hand-drawn. It also includes a personalized dedication from the artist.


The device gives a literal representation of how art is valued and treated as a commodity, especially in the context of a gallery. With the machine able to print out a large amount of prints, it also questions the value of art when it is presented in a limited number and bestowed an air of exclusivity.


Check out how the machine works in the video below.


Source: Core77

Images: Core77Mokafolio

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