Traveling Robot Doodles Infinite Abstract Drawings [Video]

Traveling Robot Doodles Infinite Abstract Drawings [Video]
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Robo Faber yearns to reproduce and isn't shy about showing it.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 november 2013

LA-based media artist Matthias Dörfelt has created an “autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce,” which means a continuous stream of drawings that feature male and female robot genitalia. Each connector, or “mechanical part” that Robo Faber draws is entirely random and unique, based on the presets Matthias programmed, which leaves the task of finding two that go together up to the audience.


While Robo Faber can create an infinite number of male and female parts, the algorithm that drives him will remain unchanged over time. This has created a unique sort of bond between Dörfelt and his robot:

My artistic practice will change over the years; Robo Faber’s way of drawing won’t. In a way, it is an offspring of my creative thinking and practice, frozen in time.

Robo Faber is a custom built differential drive robot consisting of two dc motors with encoders at each of the motor shafts. Custom Arduino driver software has been written to approximate the robots position based on the encoders and to allow the robot to follow arbitrary bezier curves. Like previous projects from Dörfelt, the drawings are generated using PaperJS.

Matthias Dörfelt

Source: Creative Applications Network, Gizmodo

Images: Matthias Dörfelt


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