PSFK’s Trending Topic: Dual Function Packaging That Warrants A Double Take [Pics]

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Dual Function Packaging That Warrants A Double Take [Pics]

Brands are getting more creative in packaging their products to get more attention.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 november 2013

In an ever-competitive consumer and retail marketplace, brands have to go the extra mile to get our attention and are turning to modern, eye-catching packaging to do just that. From a concept M&M’s packaging that lets you save some for later to a champagne carrier that doubles as an ice bucket, boring and uninspiring packaging has become a thing of the past.

Check out some of these creative packaging below.


Attractive Concept M&M’s Packaging

Created by New York-based graphic designer Alyssa Phillips, this concept packaging for M&M’s features a geometric design and lets people save some of their snack for later. The packaging is available in six different colors and comes with a resealable tear strip. Phillips also created a larger version that can hold 12 of the smaller packets.


Plantable Wildflower Holiday Cards

Eco-friendly company Niko Niko has come out with holiday cards that people can just plant in their gardens after the holidays instead of throwing them away. The biodegradable cards come in recycled envelopes and cost just over $5 each. The company also has cards for other occasions like birthdays and general greetings.

Mailable Pinhole Camera Fills The Void Left By Social Media [Pics]

Mailable Pinhole Camera

Created by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Dina Cheng, Pinpal is a pinhole polaroid mailer that can be sent out to family and friends. The mailer unfolds into a camera that can take polaroid photos. The project recalls the almost-forgotten personal act of sending and receiving items and communicating through snail mail.


Pop-up Store Made of Hay and Beeswax

Designers Michael Bastian and Bittertang collaborated on this popup store installation for Boffo Building Fashion in New York City. Bittertang designed the structure of the store. The exterior is constructed out of truckloads of hay and the interior has walls made of paraffin and beeswax. The pop-up store was designed to be a mood space and a retail shop, which showcases Michael Bastian’s fall/winter 2013 collection.


Champagne Packaging Transforms Into Ice Bucket

Veuve Clicquot’s new limited edition packaging “Fashionably Clicquot” is an elegant cylindrical carrier with a bottom half that unfurls into a functional ice bucket. The packaging comes in the brand’s signature black and yellow and features a ribbon that serves as a handle. The unique packaging allows the champagne to be easy to bring and drink anywhere.


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