Eyeglass Filter Portrays Different Scenes On The Same Screen [Video]

Eyeglass Filter Portrays Different Scenes On The Same Screen [Video]

A new technology called 2x3D lets viewers watch 2D or 3D movies on the same screen.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 november 2013

Researchers at the Shirai Lab at Kanagawa Institute of Technology has developed a new technology that lets viewers simultaneously watch 2D and 3D films on the same screen.

2x3D uses a picture-generating algorithm instead of polarizing filters for the left and right eyes — the system typically used by conventional 3D systems. The images for the left eye can be viewed with the naked eye, while images for the right eye need to be viewed with a polarizing filter.


With 2x3D, everyone is looking at the same screen but those wearing the technology will see different images or information compared to those who are simply viewing the screen with naked eyes.

One of the possible applications for the technology is multilingual viewing. The screen might display text in English, but when viewed with 2x3D technology the same screen can show text in Japanese.


Currently, the researchers use two ordinary projectors, similar to a 3D set-up, but with 2x3D, they use a superposing technique to cancel images and then combine them with additional images to create the “hidden” pictures.

The researchers see a lot of potential for improvement with the project by adding projectors or using more advanced projectors to achieve a higher picture quality.

View the report on the 2x3D technology below.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Source: DigInfoTV

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