Unique typography and layouts help readers understand what the disorder is really like.

It’s one thing to empathize with sufferers of dyslexia, but it’s another altogether to actually experience what a dyslexic person sees when they try to read a book. Sam Barclay has created a Kickstarter project called I Wonder What It’s Like To Be Dyslexic that does exactly that. The book aims to provide the reader with a beautiful, design-led experience of what it feels like to struggle with reading.

The typographic theories in the book provide a unique outlook on reading and if passed on to enough people, could help others to truly understand what it feels like for a colleague, customer, friend, or family member to struggle with the seemingly simple task. This is especially true in higher education and the workplace where a huge amount of reading happens, which for most people is just part of the process, but for others can seem like an insurmountable task.

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