Edible Proteins May Cure Human Diseases

Edible Proteins May Cure Human Diseases

Drugs that are extracted from the foods we normally eat might solve our common health problems.

Serena Chu
  • 6 november 2013

Pronutria is developing a new kind of medicine derived from proteins found in our fridge that could possibly be the cure to muscle and metabolic diseases, as well as some rare ones. The company has the support of Flagship Ventures who has offered $10.8 million in Series A funding.

To create these “edible” drugs, Pronutria deconstructs rice, potatoes, and other kinds of proteins that are in our diets, and isolates those proteins to test them in humans to see what effect they have on disease. Depending on the right dosages, certain proteins can heal us of our muscle maladies.

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Noubar Afeyan, chief executive of Flagship Ventures describes the process in detail:

What we are talking about is a protein that’s ingested orally, digested in the stomach and absorbed in the form of an amino acid mixture. Because of that specific amino acid mixture, we are getting a pharmacologic effect.

The safety of these clinical trials are much simpler, quicker, and safer mainly because the proteins are derived from foods we normally consume. According to Dr. Afeyan, the product could go from testing to clinic in less than 3 months – which is much shorter when compared to clinical trails of other pharmaceutical drugs. Should this project proves itself, it might just be the healthiest way to cure known diseases.


Source: Pronutria, WSJ

Images: Pronutria 



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