Scrollable, Electronic Business Card Can Be Easily Updated [Video]

Scrollable, Electronic Business Card Can Be Easily Updated [Video]

Business card creator Tom Ward developed a dot-matrix scroller that displays your info at the push of a button.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 november 2013

For those who want to upgrade their paper-made business cards to something more attuned to these electronic times, you can check out this scrollable electronic business card by Tom Ward, an avid business card creator on Instructables.

The electronic business card is a dot-matrix scroller with several buttons that triggers the different information stored inside the card’s flash memory.

Ward’s electronic business card has a matrix of 5×15 LEDs connected to a single-chip “PIC” microcontroller, plus some resistors and switches. The microcontroller allows the card to be kept in “sleep mode” to conserve battery life, until someone presses a button to display the information stored in the card.



The card can be easily updated and lets users show several bits of information in just one physical card.

The card costs about $5 for the parts. Ward details out the build instructions on the Instructables project page.

The clip below shows a quick demo of the electronic business card.

Tom Ward on Instructables

Source: Bit Rebels

Images: Tom Ward

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