11 Stories You Need To Know Today

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

The FAA cleared cell phones for takeoff and landing as Facebook admits that it bores the teenagers of today.

  • 1 november 2013

Facebook finally admits that teens are getting bored with it. CNET

We can all use our electronic devices openly during takeoff and landing. The Verge

Vietnam spends a whopping $400K to create its own Silicon Valley. The Next Web

You can drive your Tesla from San Diego to Vancouver for free. TechCrunch

People won’t buy wearable tech until it’s cheaper. The Guardian

Soon you’ll have to be at least 21 to buy cigarettes in New York City. The New York Times

Panasonic concedes defeat on the plasma TV front. The Verge

Amazon’s top reviewers get a lot of free stuff. NPR

MIT professor has plans to fix cruise control and stop traffic jams. Jalopnik

There will be a Google Glass accessory store. Gigaom

Apple is looking into solar charging for its devices. TechCrunch

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