Wearable device links to your smart phone and notifies you when specific people try to get in touch.

MEMI, is a smart device developed to allow wearers to unplug without completely disconnecting. Designed specifically for women, MEMI is a sleek, silver bracelet intended to complement any wardrobe. It connects to your iPhone via bluetooth and vibrates when the wearer receives calls or texts from certain pre-designated contacts; this allows you to put the phone away while ensuring that you’ll never miss an important call or notification.

As a recent entrant into the growing wearable computing segment, MEMI is approaching the wearable computing segment from a more fashion conscious point of view, believing that there’s no reason wearable tech can’t be subtle and attractive, a sentiment shared by other players in the space who are putting as much emphasis on design as they are on function. “We knew the MEMI bracelet had to be fashionable and discreet,” says MEMI co-founder, Margaux Guerard, “Our friends would never go for a big, black, bulky techy device.”

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