File-Transferring Chip Converts Fingers Into A USB Stick [Video]

File-Transferring Chip Converts Fingers Into A USB Stick [Video]

Transfer files across different devices and operating systems effortlessly.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 november 2013

Researchers from the VTT Research Center in Finland have developed inTouch technology, a concept that uses a ring, bracelet, or “smart fingernail” to transfer information between devices simply and securely. The device has a small amount of memory, and is powered by a special antenna installed on your device. It would use physical storage for small pieces of information like websites, and use the cloud as an intermediary for larger files such as videos.

When the user touches their device with an inTouch ring, for example, a special icon appears that allows information to be uploaded. Then when the user touches another device equipped with the same technology, they can initiate a download from the ring back into the device.


The ring or bracelet can also act as a password or security device to unlock doors, start your car, or power up your laptop. The devices could also be used in industrial settings to operate machinery, or in hospitals so that doctors can access a person’s medical information in the emergency room.

For a demonstration of the technology, be sure to watch the video:

VTT Research Center

Source: Gizmag

Images: VTT Research Center

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