Twisted Pillow Provides Infinite Sleeping Positions [Pics]

Twisted Pillow Provides Infinite Sleeping Positions [Pics]

Forever Pillow makes it easy to get some sleep regardless of where you are.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 november 2013

Forever Pillow is a new type of pillow modelled after the Möbius strip, which means the twist along its surface creates never-ending possibilities for how you can relax. Regardless of how strange a position you’re able to contort yourself into when trying to sleep or relax, the Forever pillow can accommodate.

The pillow is made from eco-friendly Bamboo fabric and 3M™ Thinsulate filling, which gives it a silky smooth texture, and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Just some of the ways you can use it include a desk pillow, back support, scarf, eye mask, and keyboard rest. Its makers, Huzi, tout it as a lifestyle accessory, which means it’s perfect for globe-trotting, picnics in the park, power naps at the office, and just about any other situation you can think of for that matter.


Forever Pillow is available in 6 colors, and as proven by its Kickstarter campaign, is already a big hit. They have raced past their $10,000 goal with just under two weeks still left to go. There’s still some earlybird specials available for $39 if you like the look of the pillow, after which they go up to $45. For those who just can’t get enough, there is even a Forever Blanket available, which you can get along with a pillow starting from $159.

Forever Pillow

Images: Forever Pillow

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