New Platform Creates A Food Horoscope For Hungry Diners

New Platform Creates A Food Horoscope For Hungry Diners

YoBelly uses dozens of data points to match people to specific menu items in its vast catalog.

Sara Boboltz
  • 6 november 2013

Tossing aside the stale notion of traditional Zodiac signs — who understands those, really — the new app YoBelly aims to assign new ones based on personal taste to recommend specific dishes at local restaurants.

Users fall under such houses as ‘owl,’ ‘lion,’ and ‘bear’ after taking a survey on food preferences. (Meat and poultry or vegetables? Spicy or no? Dietary restrictions?) The app will then use its “dish-to-belly matchmaking system” to provide recommendations out of the millions of menu items in its database, covering over 60 cuisines in 32 cities, based on his or her sign. As founder Herman Spencer explains:

After all, why would a ‘lion’ care what a ‘gazelle’ thinks of a BBQ joint?

For those who feel starved by choice in selecting a restaurant, not sure whether they’d like the dim-sum noodles at the Chinese place a few blocks away or if they’re better off ordering a burger somewhere else, YoBelly is a good alternative to scrolling through endless pages of local reviews. When restaurants sign up to be cataloged in the app’s database, they must provide 100 data points on each menu offering, covering broad cuisine type to particular textures. This information helps match dishes to the people who will appreciate them most. “I think we can all agree — eating is personal,” Spencer says.

By recommending specific foods, YoBelly can also serve to introduce picky eaters to restaurants and cuisines they wouldn’t normally think to try. The app is free for download on Google Play and iTunes.


Source: PR Newswire

Image: YoBelly


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