Fried Chicken Candle Exudes The Scents Of Kentucky

Fried Chicken Candle Exudes The Scents Of Kentucky
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Make your room smell like the Kentucky Derby amongst other interesting aromas.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 november 2013

If you can’t guess from the name, Kentucky for Kentucky is a company that is fiercely proud of its heritage. To prove that fact, they have produced their very own line of scented candles, each of which is infused with a smell that originates from the state. Top of the list is Kentucky fried chicken, but you can also get candles that smell like Ale8, a regional ginger and citrus soft drink, and the Kentucky Derby.

When they company learned that Kathy Werking, one of the Commonwealth’s most prolific movers and shakers, could make kick-ass candles, they commissioned her to do a special lineup just for them. Her work, which was crafted at the Kentucky Green Studio, was also paired with Rachael Sinclair‘s, another local who designs hand-drawn labels that illustrate the sweetest sides of Kentucky.


The Kentucky fried chicken candles were made with chicken fried in all-natural soy wax and also contain an infusion of family secrets. If you want a fresher aroma, the Ale8 variety were made with a secret recipe that includes grapefruit and lime essential oils. Finally, vanilla-bourbon and mint aromas make up the Kentucky Derby candle that will give you the feeling you’re actually there.

Only 25 candles of each scent will be available, which go on sale this Friday November 22nd, so make sure to head over if you want a reminder of Kentucky in your home.


Kentucky for Kentucky

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