Frozen Waterfalls Appear Like Glowing Underworlds

Frozen Waterfalls Appear Like Glowing Underworlds
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Photographer Thomas Senf took extraordinary night photographs of ice climbers at the Eidfjord.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 november 2013

Early this year, alpine photographer Thomas Senf worked with Swiss light artist David Hediger and professional ice climbers sponsored by clothing and equipment company Mammut to place colored lamps and flares in a section of the Eidfjord in Norway and take spectacular photos of the massive frozen waterfalls.

The Eidfjord is considered one of the best ice-climbing areas because of its icefalls or frozen waterfalls.


Senf’s plan was to take night photos of the ice climbers against the frozen backdrop. The climbers spent hours securing the lamps into the ice with rope and cable.

The combination of the reflections of the sun and ice and the lights from the flares and lamps created stunning photos that seem not of this world.

According to a post on Norwegian, Senf said, “I had a very clear vision in my mind based on the reflections of the sun and ice, but it was hard to get right on the night – there was a lot of adjusting involved.”


Source: Norwegian

Images: Thomas Senf via Mammut

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