Produce-Themed Envelopes Peel Open Like The Fruit They Portray [Pics]

Produce-Themed Envelopes Peel Open Like The Fruit They Portray [Pics]
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Lettersets that are organic in their own special way.

Serena Chu
  • 5 november 2013

Today’s purpose of snail mail is generally to show the person on the receiving end a bit of affection, because of the effort and time that it takes to create and send a letter. Taking the moment to sit down and hand-write a heartfelt note is definitely a practice we have overlooked. Amazepaper created a collection of adorable lettersets that just might rekindle our love for pen and paper.

juicy mail 3

Juicy Mail is a collection of cards and envelopes that each open in their own unique way. Each card is perforated so that they can be peeled or “sliced.” There are four fruits in the collection: an apple, a banana, a watermelon, and an orange. Printed with bold colors, these cards are a sure way to put a smile on any recipient’s face.

How cool is it to peel a letter open the same way you do a banana? You can purchase Juicy Mail on the company’s Etsy account here.

Juicy Mail

Source: Amazepaper

Images: Amazepaper


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