EcoSwitch concept saves space, energy, and the environment with one amazing device.

Kitchens are often crowded with a wide variety of machines and gadgets that all have their own power supply, motor and controls. Not only is this a huge waste of resources, but it also means there is rarely any space left on the countertop to do some actual cooking. Thankfully, Frog Design has come up with an eco-friendly solution that was designed for their long-term client General Electric.

The solution is called EcoSwitch, a single, multi-function device that uses induction heating to reduce heat loss and force the use of a more efficient cooking vessel. These vessels can act as a kettle, blender, slow cooker, coffee maker and more. Jonas Damon, Frog creative director, explained that the ultimate aim of the project “was to create one device that, with help of sophisticated technology, does many things well while eliminating duplication and saving energy.”

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